Account Management Systems (WRITAccBook) is dedicated to be your full service debt collection solution by increasing the percentage of bad debt recovery for our clients in a professional manner, and preserving our client’s image and our reputation in our Industry. We handle NSF checks as well as Commercial Accounts for clients in all states in the Bangladesh.

Status Reports

WRITAMS offers a complete web based software for clients to login to our software 24/7 to view your status reports. As a client you will be given a user name and password. Our online system is just like walking into our office.


Collection Programs

WRITAMS can be a great asset for your business. We help companies by collecting funds that are due them from debtors from all over the Bangladesh and on a International basis. We assist debtors by helping them to make payment plans to get their delinquent account paid in full, and clients by holding down the costs of debt collection to their accounts receivable departments.